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Q. I am a Consumer. How does this work?

The consumer logs on to our site and posts a project. Contractors contacts job projects. Consumer and Contractors work out the details.

Q. I am a contractor. How does this work?

The consumer logs on to and posts a project. The client reviews all the bids and awards the job. What if I need to see the actual project before I can submit an accurate bid? Easy. When you get a request for a job and it requires a site inspection you can contact the client, in which case the client rewards you with that request. Then you can formulate a bid and submit it through the website.

Q. How do I create a project?

Select a category from the drop down. Follow the prompts, enter the data, and submit your project. Once your project is entered it will be sent out to our network of contractors in your area to submit a bid, all free of charge to you!

Q. How long does it take to be notified after a clients posts a project?

You will be notified via email within minutes.

Q. How do I know if I have selected the right person for the job? provides the consumer with a multitude of ways to sort, select and choose the contractor that is right for you. Read the reviews, watch their videos and check out there portolios.

Q. What if I change my mind and don't pursue my project after bids are submitted?

Unless you signed a binding contract directly with one of your selected service providers, you are under no obligation to continue. You can even save your your Job Post, so if you decide in the future to proceed, you don't have to start over!

Q. How do I select a service provider after my project is submitted?

Simply click on the contractor of your choice after carefully reviewing the profile, availability, pricing, or any other factor that may be of interest to you when selecting your contractor. It is important that you review their profiles so they meet all your needs.

Q. How do I pay my contractor?

Simple. You can hand him or her a check or get there paypal info and send them the money once your satisfied with the job.

Q. What costs are involved in joining

Sign up is FREE for all, BUYERS get FREE BIDS to post proposals

Q. Why would I want to sign up with you?

IT'S FREE. We make it easy for you. By allowing you to see the job and then decide which jobs you want to bid on we truly put you in control. DON'T DELAY! SIGN UP NOW!!

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